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Miss Cummings

I am in my 4th year of teaching ELA resource. I have been teaching at Oakbrook Middle for all of my 4 years. Please feel free to email me. Thank you for working with us during this difficult time. 

  • Locker Clean Out and Library Book Return:

    • Students may go in to collect items from their lockers on the designated day by last name.
    • We will have multiple days for students to clean out lockers, drop off necessary items that need to be collected and continue to drop off completed work.


    (example, Smith can come on May 19)

    • Report to the Bus Ramp only!
    • Parking available on the field next to the baseball field.
    • Only students can enter the school.

    Hours of operation:  3PM- 7PM      

    •         May 12   A,B,C,D 
    •         May 13   E,F,G,H 
    •         May 14   I,J,K,L 
    •         May 15   M,N,O,P 
    •         May 19   Q,R,S,T 
    •         May 20   U,V,W,X,Y,Z 

    Bus Ramp Area Drop Offs:

    • Library Books
    • Sports Uniform Turn-in           
    • Completed Assignment Turn-in

    Textbook Turn in:

    • Textbooks may be turned in on May 27 at the bus ramp of the school
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  • Please do not do any more BrainPop assignments. 1)The system is not very reliable and has been going through several updates. It has been hard for me to find the completed work due to the system being down. 

    2)Many teachers in the school are using the same system, so many of our shared students are being given the same assignment twice. 

    Instead, please use: 

    • Read ebooks on Teen Book Cloud. Then, complete reading quizzes on Whooo's Reading. 


    • Complete assignments on Actively Learn. 

    Both of these systems can be found on Clever. Clever can be accessed through a computer or a phone. 

    Want to get away from technology? Write a daily journal on your thoughts or events in your life. How are you spending the shutdown? Or write a story on whatever you want. 

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Directions for Whooo's Reading

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