Scheduling a Conference

  • Conferences:

    Conferences will typically be scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. When scheduling a conference, provide what type of conference you are requesting (conference with a counselor, conference with a specific teacher, conference with all teachers, 504 meeting, etc).  

    Annual 504 Meetings:

    If you have not done so already, contact the School Counseling Department to schedule your student's annual 504 meeting. 504 plans should be updated yearly to ensure that your student has the best accommodations in place for success. 


    To schedule conferences or 504 meetings, please contact our guidance secretary, Ms. Sellers at or by phone at 843-695-4900 ext. 52020. 


    IGP Meetings:

    IGP Invitation Letters are mailed home by each counselor.  If you are unable to meet on your scheduled day and time in your letter, you must notify the school counselor before the arranged time to reschedule.  If you have not received your IGP Invitation Letter, please reach out to your student's school counselor to receive details. Contact information for each counselor can be found on our "ARHS School Counselors" webpage.