Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • For the safety of all children we ask everyone to follow arrival and dismissal procedures outlined by Oakbrook Middle School.

    OMS Arrival Procedures

    • Drop-off Time for Car Rider Line is 7:45.  Please do not drop off prior to this as there is no supervision until 7:45.  Bus Loop will release students from buses at 7:45.
    • Walkers and Bike Riders need to use the cross walk in front of the school.  The students coming from Westcott will need to come stand under the awning behind the school to await entry.
    • Students wanting breakfast need to report directly to the café. 
    • All students will report to designated areas until first bell rings to enter the building at 8:00.  Students will then move directly to their first period class. 
    • Students not in their classroom by 8:10 are tardy and will need to sign in late in the front office. 

    Walker/Bike Rider Dismissal

    • All walkers and bike riders should walk down the front sidewalk only.  For safety, do not walk around the building to the bus loop.
    • All bike riders should walk bikes down the sidewalk and across the street.
    • All walkers and bike riders exiting the rear of the school should make their way directly off campus via causeway to Westcott.
    • We always appreciate the parents watching out for children.  We have a large number of walkers and bike riders and need to work together assisting each other.

    Afternoon Bus Dismissal

    • Students will be released to the bus loop via an announcement. 
    • Bus numbers and positions in the loop will be posted on the board as students exit the building.  Students should find their bus number on the board to determine the location of their bus in the loop and proceed directly to their bus.

    Afternoon Car Rider Dismissal

    • Please remember to follow the traffic flow as described on the Afternoon Car Rider Line Procedures sheet.
    • As cars pull forward in the car rider line, teachers on duty will direct you to pull all the way up to the next car.  Please follow the directives of the teachers on duty.  They have all been trained on dismissing students in the safest way possible.
    • Parents are to stay in their cars along the curb. Please do not get out of your vehicle. Cars should pull forward when directed by the teachers.  

    As a general rule parents will not be allowed to park in the parking lot to wait on their student at dismissal.  The only exception will be for a scheduled meeting.  Students will not be allowed to cross the car rider line to the parking lot.

    Due to the length of the afternoon car rider line, we ask that you please follow these procedures for picking your child up from school. Your help will allow us to continue to be a good neighbor and a positive asset to the community by reducing our impact on the traffic flow.

    • The Oakbrook car rider is NOT allowed to block Old Fort Drive. 
    • The first cars in the afternoon need to stop behind the sign in the OMS car loop before the main entrance of the school.  Some buses need the space directly in front of the school to pick up some students BEFORE our release bell in the afternoon.  After these buses have moved,  the line will be directed to move forward toward the main entrance for the 3:10 release. 
    • ALL OMS Parents MUST to use the car rider loop, and NOT park in the parking lot…..
    • When the loop in front of the school is full and reaches the road, all additional OMS parents trying to enter the car line will be directed to drive slowly and carefully to the entrance around the back of OES, and line up in that the bus loop.  This line will allow parents to exit left onto Old Fort Drive, as directed by the teacher and traffic officer on duty, to safely enter the OMS car rider loop. 
    • See diagram below for an illustration of this afternoon procedure. 
    • We would like to recommend that all Oakbrook Middle School Parents NOT line up before 2:45 each day. This will allow time for elementary students to be picked up before the middle school line begins.
    • Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience to ensure that the safety and efficiency of the car rider procedures runs as smoothly as possible.

    OMS Car Rider Directions