• Gateway to Technology Assignment – ALL Grades

    You can submit your work via email, One Drive, Microsoft Teams, or bring originals when we return.  You can submit work daily OR when you finish all work.

    Assignment for days 1-5 (Classwork Grades)

    Being able to make sketches of items is very important to engineering.  Each day, find two things to sketch. You can sketch toys, your pets, items on your dresser, flowers, trees, cars, anything in your house or yard, etc. 

    Sketch the item from at least two different views. Write the date you do your sketch on your paper and write what it is that you sketched and why you chose to sketch it.  You can add color if you like. Do not worry if you are not good at drawing. The point is to practice so you can improve your skills. 


    Assignment for days 6-10 (Minor and Major)

    You have just graduated from college with an engineering degree!  Now you need to find a job. To show potential employers your engineering skills, you will design something totally new OR you can innovate something.  You can design anything…..a new toy, a house, clothing, furniture, tools, medical device, car, sporting equipment, etc.

    Major Grade – Now you need to brainstorm an idea.  Create a list of things you want to invent; problems you would like to create an invention to solve? Then choose one.

    What to turn in?

    • Your brainstorming – a list of ideas, problems you want to solve
    • A full sized, annotated (detailed explanation) drawing of your product. Include measurements and color. Take your time and make this look like you envision your creation. 
    • You will also need to write about your product. Include the following: A name for your product, a description of what it is used for, and why you decided to design it. 

    Minor Grade  Choose one of the following

    Write a short commercial to advertise your product.  You can create a video of your commercial OR submit the script.

    Create a PowerPoint about your invention.  Use your product details and be creative.

    Draw an advertisement for your new product.  What will cost?  Where can you buy it?  Get creative.


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