School History

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    Our school, which opened in 1992, covers nearly 75 acres in the city of North Charleston. The Dorchester County area of North Charleston has seen a rapid rise in residential development in recent years. In 2007, our school reached peak enrollment of 2550 students. Since then, another high school has opened, and our enrollment has decreased.  We now serve 2300 students in grades 9-12.  Our facility has expanded several times to meet the growing population. Past construction added a mini-gym, locker room, fine arts classrooms including a media arts lab, a Biomedical Sciences lab, a culinary arts facility, and 9 new classrooms. 

    Located in the city of North Charleston in northern Dorchester County, our school serves the third largest municipality in the state. The school came about in the late 1980s from a need to reduce overcrowding at the only high school in Dorchester County at the time. Adding a second high school in a community with very deep ties to its only high school was a major undertaking.  Very quickly the Patriots developed their own identity and community connections in the North Charleston area of Dorchester County. 

    The local community is a business-friendly area that offers incentives to attract diverse industries such as Boeing, Daihmler-Chrysler, Robert Bosch, and InterTech. These companies have helped create a community with a strong industry focus. Other locally-owned businesses add a small-town feel to the area and help employ many of our students.  Many students have family connections to Joint Base Charleston (JBC), which employs more than 20,000 active-duty, reserve, and civilian personnel, serving the air base and weapons station. Families from all branches of the Department of Defense call North Charleston home. Since JBC civilian and military personnel often seek off-base housing in our attendance zone, we serve more military families than any other high school in our district.