• This week we will take a brief break from the workshop texts to build students' language and word analysis skills.  In lesson 1.8, students will identify common and proper nouns and simple and verb tenses.  They will sort nouns and verbs to apply what they have learned.  On Thursday, students will review their 2nd Reading Inventory results and discuss some sample questions to improve test taking strategies before our next RI in mid-to-late November.  


    In writing, I am supporting Ms. Andrysczyk and Mr. McDowell.  I am reviewing DOL in my class, push in with Ms. Andrysczyk with 5B.  At the end of the day, I will pull small groups from Mr. McDowell to pre-teach/ re-teach the use of dialogue in narrative writing. 

    For additional dialogue practice, login to quizizz and enter the game code below. 

    Ask your students to join the game with the code 370388 at https://join.quizizz.com


  • Think Big

    We are working in on our first workshop, "Think Big" in our ReaL Books.  All students began in the same software segment, "Mindset Matters", too.  Several students have completed this segment and are not able to select segments that interest them.  We have also had some students meet their Independent Reading/Reading Counts goals, too.  Keep reading.  Reading at home is not a required homework this quarter, but it is strongly encouraged!  This is how some students have already met their RC goals.  Students are also able to login to R180 software at home to access their Independent Reading library.  Please take advantage of this feature.  

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