• Library Policy for checking out books

    Rollings Middle School of the Arts Media Center has approximately 10,000 books. We are serving about 800 students, ages 10-14. Every book in our library cannot be appropriate for every student. 


    How many books may I check out?

    • You may check out 2 books at a time.

    How long may I keep a book?

    • A book is checked out for two weeks and may be renewed if no one else wants to check it out.

    Can I put a book on hold?

    • Yes, ask Ms. Davis or Mrs. Edwards to place a book on hold for you or you may go to Destiny Quest, log-in using your student number, and you can put a book on hold. You may also check to see if you have any books checked out or find out when a book is due. 

    How much does it cost for a copy or to print from a computer?

    • It cost .10 per page for a black and white copy or print.

    How many computers are in the media center for student use?

    • There are 12 computers designated for student use.

    We have Nooks (ereaders) and Playaways (audio books) available for check-out. Must have a permission form on file in the media center.