• Library Policy for checking out books

    • Rollings Middle School of the Arts Media Center has approximately 10,000 books. We are serving about 800 students, ages 10-14. Every book in our library cannot be appropriate for every student. 

    How can I check out ebooks and audio books?

    • There are two ways...
    • Destiny Discoverer (our RMSA Library, found on Clever) Books are checked out for two weeks. You may renew if no one else wants to check it out. 
    • Sora app (District online ibrary, also found on Clever) - Books are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed if no one else is on hold for it. 

    How many books may I check out?

    • You may check out 2 books at a time.


    Can I put a book on hold?

    • Yes, go to Destiny Discover and you can put a book on hold, if the book says 'out'. You may also check to see if you have any books checked out or find out when a book is due (under 'My Stuff').

    How much does it cost for a copy or to print?

    • It cost .10 per page for a black and white copy or print. Please email (share) what you want printed to Ms. E. Davis or Mrs. S. Edwards before you come to the media center. We will have it ready for you. Don't forget your money!