How to Apply for a Support/Classified Staff Position

  • “Support Staff” employment refers to all non-teaching positions such as Secretary, Teaching Assistant, Nurse, Maintenance, Technology, etc.

    • To apply for such positions, click “Employment” (at the top of the screen) then “Apply here – All Applicants” on the next screen. To start, choose “External Applicants”.
    • Per instructions, we require 3 completed reference surveys and, where applicable, college transcripts and/or Paraprofessional Exam results in order for your application to be complete. Follow all instructions and SUBMIT your online application.  Return to your application periodically to check that  your reference survey forms have been completed.   To do this:  1) login to your application; 2) click EDIT; 3) go to the “Reference” section; 4) scroll to the bottom of each listed reference to check “Reference Survey Status”
    • Once your application is complete with transcripts & three completed reference surveys, you may call the Personnel Office at 843-873-2901 to schedule a general clearance interview.    The general clearance interview with the Personnel Office is the final step in the application process.
    • Note that you do not have to complete all the steps in a single session.  You have 25 days to submit your application. 
    • Apply for a posted “Vacancy” or, from the positions desired list, choose the position(s) for which you want to apply.  (You may apply for up to 8 positions.)

    What happens after clearance?

    Once you have been cleared by the Personnel Office, you are eligible for hire and may contact schools and/or principals directly.  We suggest that you send a resume and letter of introduction to principals, letting them know that you have been cleared by DD2 Personnel.  You may also contact principals if/when you see that a job vacancy has been posted for their school.


    Testing and the Substitute Workshop are available at the Summerville Adult Education Center (843) 873-7372.

    If you do not yet meet one of these eligibility requirements,

    Please take the necessary steps to do so before submitting an online application.