• Work my be turned in on MS TEAMS ... OR ... dropped of at school.  Details for dropoff TBD.

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  • Click HERE to complete a survey about the changes to the new AP exam.  Most of you have already taken it.

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    AP Calculus Test will be done @ home:  May 12, 2020 @ 2pm ET

    (If you are late, you will miss it!)

    MUST have a device to use in order to take the test.  Please contact Mr. Leckie if you do  NOT!

    Questions written assuming you have resources out (including calculator) ... but if you are looking everything up, you will NOT finish. 


    2 FRQs:

         1st question:  25 minutes

         (+5 minutes to upload answer)

          2nd question:  15 minutes

          (+5 minutes to upload answer)

    Timer will be on the screen, but you MUST keep track of your time!!

    Your teachers WILL receive all your responses by May 26th.



    Lessons & Review Sessions will cover some of the nuances of how to upload answers ... BE SURE TO WATCH THEM!!



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  • More practice than you could possibly finish! 

    Your goal ... Do ONE problem everyday!




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  • Texas Instruments has given students and teachers free access to the computer version (Mac/PC) for the next 6 months due to the school shutdowns across the country


    A Chromebook app is currently being developed

    Go to education.ti.com

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  • Another option for practice ... start with the course challenge on KhanAcademy ... then focus on your weaknesses.


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  • Work on as much AP Review as possible.  I will send out practice tests through REMIND.  Send me emails if you have questions ... I will do my best to respond and answer them as quickly as possible.  Let's assume that we will be out for a couple of weeks and then back to preparing for the AP exam like normal until we found out otherwise.  College Board has policies in place for schools around the country like ours that are impacted by closure and we will explore every option.  Let everyone else worry about that.  All you can do is practice so that you are ready when the time comes!

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