• Glitch Animation Video 1

    This video will show you how to upload miltiple images as a single photoshop doccument allowing each indavidual image to become its own layer.

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  • Final Editing

    Final Piece: Basically i want you to glitch the same photo about 7-10 times using all of the methods ive shown you so far. 

    Once you finish doing that i want you to stitch all the coolest pieces of them together to make one final Glitch art piece TO RULE THEM ALL!! 

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  • Data Bending in Audacity

    Databending in Audacity: This video is not by me. It shows how to Glitch an image using Audacity. (Basically we turn a photo into a sound file, mess with it, and turn it back into a photo) 

    This process gives you the most controll with consistent results, but be aware YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW EVERY STEP IN THE PROCESS TO THE TEE!!!!!!!

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  • Video 4

    Video 4 talks about how to get different effects using different file extensions, such as PNG, TIFF, and PSD. 

    Tired of getting the same glitch effect every time?!?! well this video will show you how to get something different!!

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  • Video 3:

    Video 3: This video goes beyond just using the "Replace All" tool and dives into other more "Barbaric" ways to interact with source code to cause glitching. Although this process may be more simple you will be much more likely to corrupt your files.

    This technique allows you to be more creative with your process as well.

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  • Video 2: How to Glitch a Photo

    Video 2

    This video shows you the initial (very basic) way to glitch a photo using Notepad++ give this a couple of trys to get used to the process of glitching photographs. 

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  • Glitch Art Video 1: Quick Editing using Photoshop

    Video 1

    is all bout speed editing your file in Photoshop. This is a good file to look at if you need a quick 4min reminder how to properly edit photos in Photoshop.


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