Raising animals can be your SAE!

Supervised Agricultural Experience

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    SAE Grading 

    The requirements are 4 journal entries (20pts/entry) and 4 pictures (5pts/picture) due the 1st day of each month (example: all January entries are due 2/1)

    Students have the whole month to put in these entries pertaining to their agriculture projects that they were to select (given class time to research) and may choose to do their entries as they see fit (once per week, 4 random days, more than the required amount, etc.). They may access their journals at home as well using www.theaet.com 

    Login Info:

    Chapter ID: SC0271

    Username example: CAttaway 

    Password example: CAttaway

    (will be their given names in that format)


    Once the grade is in, it is final unless the student comes to me and discusses their plan with me, proving that they have been working on it and not scrambling to rectify their grade. However, I need solid proof. These projects are meant to teach the students a sense of responsibility and accountability, as well as open up doors for them for scholarships and grants through the FFA. It is also a part of agricultural education's 3 part model, in addition to the FFA and classroom/labratory instruction. As I have explained to them, if a job depends on you to make accurate log entries (example: locking/tagging out equipment and recording it) and you don't, you are liable if someone is hurt (example: failing to lock out tag out could get someone killed, if you go back and forge entries then equipment could be unsafe, etc.) and there aren't do overs in these situations. 

    SAE/FFA grade categories are worth 15%