2018-2019 Tractor Driving Team

Be sure to get your FFA hours each semester!

  • Each semester, students are required to have 10 FFA hours.


    What constitutes as a FFA hour?

    FFA hours are logged hours that pertain to the Ashley Ridge FFA Chapter and our events. The concept is like that of community service hours, but they have to be something involving our program. Students should go in and record them in AET (under "Time in Other FFA Activities"). They are not to be confused with a student's SAE, which is a separate thing. These fall under the SAE/FFA category and are worth 15%.


    How do we get hours?

    Each semester, there are a variety of opportunities that students can sign up for. Signup sheets are located inbetween the agriculture classrooms. They are also announced at the meetings, the start of class and can be found on my FFA whiteboard in the classroom. 

    Here are some examples for spring:

    Feeding animals over weekends (1 hour/day)

    Taking home a bottle baby goat, when available/if needed (1 hour/day)

    Being on a CDE team (all hours) (I have Tool ID, Parlimentary Procedure and Greenhand Knowledge Bowl CDEs that I need Greenhand members for!)

    Being on our Quest team (all hours)

    Going to specialty camps (Fishing Camp the first weekend of March, all hours)

    Signing up to work shifts at the Foxtival (March 16, a family event we are putting on--much like Beech Hill's Autumn Daze)

    Signing up to work shifts at Flowertown Festival (we will be there every day selling plants and soaps)

    Signing up to work peanuts at Varsity Softball and Baseball games (~12 games or so)

    Signing up to do Mr. FFA (all hours)

    Miss FFA Pageant (all hours)

    Attending FFA meetings during ILT (1 hour)



    There are a TON of ways to earn this spring! Since this is a new concept, we have been working out the kinks--this is now why it is per semester, not quarter. That way, it is possible for everyone to get hours even if they are involved in other things.