• A Break Out is a puzzle inspired by the escape rooms that have become so popular everywhere. BreakOutEDU started with boxes that would be locked with multiple styles and types of locks. Students would be asked to solve puzzles and find clues hidden around their classroom to open the final box and "break out". Digital breakouts incorporate digital or virtual locks. 

    The key to breaking out is to investigate everything. Move your cursor around the screen and see if there are clickable areas anywhere. When you enter a code correctly in the form, nothing happens. If you get it wrong, you will get a message that says STILL LOCKED.  When you have all the correct codes on the form, hit submit. 


Reflection Questions

    1. Explain how one of the puzzles in the game was solved. 
    2. Where did you struggle when solving a puzzle and how did you overcome it? 
    3. Give a Shout Out to someone in your group that showed excellent puzzle solving skills.
    4. How do you see Breakout Digital Games being used in your class?