• Read all the directions on each page before asking for help. 

    If you need ideas for clues and formatting, look through tons of Breakout examples in the Sandbox  


    How many locks does each breakout have? 

    What are some different types of locks that are used? 


    Your task: 

    Create a digital breakout to show your understanding of the novel Son by Lois Lowry. The breakout should focus on one literary element (Character, Setting, Theme, Plot, Conflict, or Symbolism). 

    • You may work with one or two other people
    • Your breakout needs to be "educational" as well as fun 
    • Include at least one quiz on either the novel or your element as it relates to the novel (ie: How is setting important in the novel?)

    Where to start? 

    1. Create a Google Site 
    2. Copy the documents from the google drive folder. 
    3. Embed the Locks to the Site 
    4. Write the Story/Scenario
    5. Work on Clues
    6. If you get stuck watch the videos or look at examples in the Sandbox. 


    Turning in Your Breakout (one person per group): 

    1. On the Website click "Publish" 

    2. Click on the paperclip/;ink icon (to the left of the publish button on the website) and select "Copy Link" 

    3. Open your One Drive ELA folder 

    4. Click "new" and then select "link" 

    5. Paste the link in the box 

    6. Where it says "file name" add the last names of your group members (just the ones that worked on this Breakout). 

    7. Click "create" 

    8. You should see the link in your folder and if you click on it, it should take you to your published site. 

    9. Check to make sure it works. 



1. Choose 6-8 Topics You Want to Cover

  • Breakouts are really fun, but you also want to make sure yours is relevant to a subject beyond just team building. 

    Choose 6-8 topics you want to cover. Expect participants to spend about 10 minutes on each topic. Having a few extra ideas from the start so you can easily drop the ones that are too difficult to turn into clues.

2. Create a graphic organizer

  • 2.Start with a plan. Watch the BreakoutEdu Planning Video. This will help you plan your breakout. You will need to create a graphic organizer on paper before beginning your digital breakout.