• Dorchester School District Two and Joint Base Charleston partner to support the educational needs of military families.

    Dorchester School District Two appreciates the service of our military families.  Approximately 900 children of active-duty military families currently attend Dorchester Two (DD2) schools.

    The district thanks those who have already entrusted us with their children’s education, and welcomes those who are new to our area.

    Please contact the district at 843-873-2901 with any questions regarding educational programs available for your school age children.

    To address the unique educational and transitional needs specific to Military Families, please contact:
    SCHOOL LIAISON SPECIALIST (SLS) – JOINT BASE CHARLESTON:  School Liaisons address the unique educational needs specific to military families.  The SLS advocates for the educational needs of military children, and serves as a point of contact for military families seeking assistance with school related K-12 matters.  School Liaisons collaborate with the district to ensure educational transitions are seamless, and that resources are readily available for families and district personnel.

    School Liaison Office
    Joint Base Charleston
    Comm: 843-963-4410
    Cell: 843-300-2523
    Email: 628FSS.FSY.SchoolLiaison@us.af.mil
    Facebook: @jbcharleston.SLO