• This course is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture. It is designed to enable college-bound students to meet requirements for proficiency in reading, writing, understanding and speaking Spanish. Using Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) the students will learn basic modes of communication and grammatical structures as well as develop an understanding of and appreciation for the Spanish-speaking people, their products, perspectives and practices. Basic comprehension, speaking and writing skills will be developed through a variety of classroom activities. Oral participation in the class is essential, and students will be evaluated on oral listening skills, as well as written mastery of the language.     


    Class Rules and Expectations for Managing Student Behavior:

    Behavioral Expectations:

    1.       Arrive on time and be seated in your seat by the time the tardy bell rings.

    2.       Bring all course materials every day

    3.       Remain seated until given permission to do otherwise

    4.       Remain on task, work, work, work, work, work

    5.       Follow instructions the first time they are given

    6.       Respect yourself and others at all times

    7.       Have a positive attitude

    8.       Place all cell phones in a purse, pocket or book bag (put completely away) on silent



    1.       Verbal Warning

    2.       Detention (with teacher)

    3.       Parent contact

    4.       Referral

    **Students may be asked to change seats or stay after class for a brief conference with the teacher at any time.  The teacher also reserves the right to override the warning procedure if an offense is too severe.


    Classroom Procedures:

    • Greet teacher/greeter in Spanish. Enter class calmly and quietly and be seated in your seat.
    • Make sure you have all of your materials and begin working on bell work (Trabajo de Campana)!
    • If you are tardy, place pass in the pass box, sign in (fill in tardy log completely), and begin working.
    • Make sure all cell phones are on silent and put completely away (not in your lap) in a purse, pocket, or book bag.
    • Students must have a pass to leave the classroom for any reason. No one will be permitted to leave during the first or last 10 minutes of the class period.
    • Participate in every activity with your best effort.
    • ALL WORK should be turned in to the appropriate tray!
    • Students should not touch and/or operate any technology components in the classroom unless they are instructed to do so.


    Attendance/Tardy Policy:

    Students will sign a tardy log upon entering the classroom late.  Every 5th tardy will result in a referral per school policy.