AP Spanish Language & Culture

  • AP Spanish Language Exam - Free Response Questions Speaking - Simulated Conversation & Cultural Comparison.

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    1. Complete FRQ in apclassroom - send to me
    2. Review old exams

    Also, the College Board has tutoring sessions on Wednesday @ 3pm.

     To practice go to hablame.org.

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    These assignments are NOT optional.

    These assignments are NOT extra credit.

    It is expected that all students complete all assignments.

    Students should complete the work and submit to the teacher as soon as they finish the work.

    Be sure your name and class period are on each sheet of paper.

Distance Learning April 1st - 30th

  • Things to know

    • Units to be tested on the AP Exam

                Unit 1:  Families in Different Societies

                Unit 2: The Influence of Language & Culture on Identity (Personal & Public Identities)

                Unit 3:  Influences of Beauty and Art

                Unit 4:  How Science & Technology Affect Our Lives

    AP Test

    Free Response Questions: (1) Simulated Conversation and (2) Cultural Comparison.  You will have 45 minutes to complete the exam.   To practice, go to hablame.org 


    Assignments -- work daily to complete the assignments and prepare for the exam.  Submit the work as you finish the assignments.  Please do not wait until the last minute.  

    Review for AP Spanish Language & Culture Exam

    1. AP Adapted Exam Info
      1. Review the essential questions for each topic
      2. Can you address each topic with appropriate detail and vocabulary? Jot down your ideas.
    1. Vocabulary Practice Lists and puzzles
      1. Review Vocab List
      2. Complete the English translation practice sheet
      3. Complete the Crossword Puzzle --  Puzzle #1 Puzzle #2  , Puzzle #3
    1. Reading Practice – Quick AP Review
      1. Read information and the various articles
      2. Answer multiple choice questions on each article
    1. Reading & Writing Practice – La familia Colombiana   Families in Different Societies.
      1. Respond to the short answer questions
      2. Respond to the Cultural Comparison question.
    1. Reading Practice – Doble Historia de Mexico y Espana   Influence of Language/Culture - Identity
      1. Read the articles about La Malinche and the versions of history
      2. Respond to the short answer questions and m/ch questions
      3. Respond to:   What cultural comparison can you make from US history?
    1. Conversation Wheel – Beauty & Aesthetics   Influences of Beauty & Art
      1. Read the questions and write your answers in Spanish
    1. Technology & Ethics Science & Technology
      1. Read each question and write your answer in Spanish.
    1. AP Theme Review
      1. Focus on the 4 units we will be tested on.
      2. Read the directions and complete accordingly.
      3. Write out the information in Spanish for each column.
      4. You can look over the other 2 units … Global Challenges & Contemporary Life… but don’t stress. Try to connect to the 4 units to be tested.
    1. 3-Or More Choice Board Activities
      1. You will select the activities you wish to complete for the Choice Board.
      2. Follow the direction for the activities you select since they are all different.
      3. You can select from listening, reading, speaking and writing activities.

  • Tecnologia/Technology

    Assignment #1

    Visit the website.  Watch the video and complete the exercises... vocabulary, fill-in-the-blanks, etc.  Screen Short Activities 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 and submit


    If you cannot access the web site, write an essay describing the advantages and disadvantages of "artificial inteligence".

    Assignment #2 

    Read the Google Car article.  For vocabulary, guess the meanings from context; then look up in dictionary if necessary.  Answer the multilple choice questions based on the reading.  

    AP Google Car Article 

    Google Car Reading Vocab

    Google Car Questions

    Assignment #3

    Vocabulary - Natural phenomenons 

    Last page of vocabulary handout (orange sheet) - look up the vocabulary.

    Write a complete Spanish sentence with 15 vocabulary words and draw a picture to represent the sentence/word.

    Desafios globales / Global Challenges

    Assignment #4

    Review and study the vocabulary for the unit.

    Design a quiz that you would give to the class using the vocabulary. 

    Assignment #5

    a.  Medio Ambiente Reading – read the article and answer the questions.

    Medio Ambiente Reading

    b.  Review the vocabulary for el Medio Ambiente.  Identify the issues that we encounter in our region/low country/South Carolina and make a list in Spanish.

    Medio Ambiente Vocab

    c.  Select a Spanish-Speaking country and research what environmental issues they experience.  Create a Venn Diagram comparing the country and our region -- be sure to make at least 3 or 4 comparions - similarities and/or differences.

    Assignment #6 

    Read the poem by Antonio Machado and answer the questions the follow.

    Poema Machado Medio Ambiente