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  • Remember...

    Posted by Ragan Loggins on 1/15/2020

    You can always bring your math questions to our class.  If you are stuck on a concept, ASK.  I will always help you find a way to solve the problems that will work best for you.

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  • Videos

    Posted by Ragan Loggins on 12/10/2019

    If the Khan videos are difficult for you to follow, you can try some of these.  You will have to go to their page on YouTube and then search for the topic but maybe these are easier to follow.

    Exterior Angles of a Triangle Walk-through

    There are many videos on the topic of slope to include ones on the formula I showed you in class y1-y2/x1-x2 for getting the slope from two points or from a table.

    I have another source of videos for the class if you prefer video lessons for math along with the study guide. 

    If you need help with the study guide page 45, because you were absent for the testing or the study guide (please let me know) thank you.

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  • Monday December 9 HW

    Posted by Ragan Loggins on 12/8/2019
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  • Wed-Thurs

    Posted by Ragan Loggins on 12/5/2019

    Remember, you were asked to pay attention in class this week.  If you did not do the homework with us, you are missing out on valuable instruction.

    Open the link below:

    8th HW Wed-Thurs

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  • Tuesday

    Posted by Ragan Loggins on 12/3/2019


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  • Monday HW part 2 (next 2)

    Posted by Ragan Loggins on 12/2/2019


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  • Monday HW part 1 (first 3)

    Posted by Ragan Loggins on 12/2/2019


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  • This is for Sage!!!

    Posted by Ragan Loggins on 11/21/2019

    Coming in for courtyard pays off sometimes!  You worked hard today, so here is the rest of what we were working on!  Please let me (or Ms. Cummings know if you need help turning this in).


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  • Homework 11-14

    Posted by Ragan Loggins on 11/14/2019 12:00:00 PM


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  • Homework 11-13

    Posted by Ragan Loggins on 11/13/2019 12:00:00 PM


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  • Homework Help

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    Need homework help?  Comment here...

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