• Flowertown PTA is hosting our biggest fundraiser of the year, our very own Buzz-A-Thon! 

    Buzz-A-Thon is from October 7-17th! 

    This event gives families and friends the chance to sponsor their student per lap, or make flat donations. Each student will be credited 35 laps, because we know that everyone is going to do their very best!

    So on Oct 7, log on to FunRun.com to register, create your Student's Star Video, and SHARE! Funrun.com makes it easy to send a pledge request to friends and family! 

    The funds raised go to student's computer programming, field trips, classroom needs, and more! This is a great health and wellness event for students, while giving them the opportunity to raise money for our school and they'll win cool new prizes!   

    Buzz-a-thon Bee