• Test & Notebook Check Wednesday (Sept. 25th)

    Notebook Check

    • Medical Imaging Web Quest
    • Body Tissues Overview Foldable
    • Body Tissues Interactive Flow Charts (Nervous, Muscle, Connective, Epithelial)
    • Cancer...Mitosis Gone Wrong Reading Handout
    • Cancer...What Do YOU Believe? 

    Test Focus Points 

    • Know the difference between MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound
    • Know the functions and examples of each tissue (epithelial, nervous, muscular, connective)
    • List the two criteria used to classify epithelial tissue
    • Recognize and determine images of the following tissues: musclular - cardiac, nervous - neurons, connective - bone, adipose, cartilage, epithelial - simple squamous, simple cuboidal, stratified squamous
    • Explain what cancer is and its relation to mitosis
    • Explain the difference between benign & malignant tumors
    • Know the basic procedure of a biopsy