Student Health and Wellness Club
  • We are currently working on reviving our Student Health & Wellness Club.

    We will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month. Any students interested are welcome to come to Room 158 during ILT.

  •  The overall goal is to provide the skills and knowledge so that members make proper decisions regarding their overall health. We welcome and embrace the challenges of developing and maintaining one’s physical, mental, and social needs in life. We encircle all who are willing to be a part of our club.



    1. To provide an assortment of activities and information that allows every person to be successful.
    2. To provide activities that relieve emotional strain and tension
    3. To allow one to experience competitive and non-competitive activities as well as team and individual activities.
    4. To develop skill, interest and the appreciation for the need of life-long movement, activity, and recreation
    5. Increase health awareness by providing health screenings, activities, materials, demonstrations, and information
    6. To develop all aspects of oneself physical, social, mental, spiritual.
    7. To develop a wellness awareness within our community.
    8. To increase awareness of local, state, and national health services and resources