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    Course Description

    Earth Science provides students with a basic knowledge of the natural world that will serve as the foundation for more advanced secondary and postsecondary courses. It will provide students with science skills necessary for earth-science oriented technical careers. Units in this course include astronomy, the solid earth, the earth’s atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the paleobiosphere. There is a strong emphasis on the use and development of inquiry skills through labs, hands-on activities, and classroom demonstrations


    Course Standards

    The student will demonstrate an understanding of the following:

    Standard HE-1:          The student will use the science and engineering practices, including the processes and skills of scientific inquiry, to develop understandings of science content

    Standard HE-2:          The student will demonstrate an understanding of the structure, properties, and history of the observable universe

    Standard HE-3:          The student will demonstrate an understanding of the internal and external dynamics of Earth’s geosphere

    Standard HE-4:          The student will demonstrate an understanding of the dynamic relationship between Earth’s conditions over geologic time and the diversity of organisms

    Standard HE-5:          The student will demonstrate an understanding of the dynamics of Earth’s atmosphere

    Standard HE-6:          The student will demonstrate an understanding of Earth’s freshwater and ocean systems


    Course standards can be accessed at http://www.ed.sc.gov/instruction/standards-learning/science/standards/



    Course Outline/Pacing               

    Quarter 3

    Quarter 4













         ROCK CYCLE



    Grade Weights

    Grades are calculated on a weighted/percentage scale as shown below for EACH quarter (9 weeks).


    Type of Task

    Percentage of Grade

    Approximate Per Quarter





    Projects and Labs




    Classwork and Homework









    Summative assessment is the process of evaluating (and grading) the learning of students at a point in time. Formative assessment is evaluation of student learning that aids understanding and development of knowledge, skills and abilities without passing any final judgement (via recorded grade) on the level of learning.


    Testing Days

    Tests or quizzes may be given ANY day of the week.

    Test dates will be announced AT LEAST 3 days in advance.  If you know you will be absent on the scheduled test date, you will need to make other arrangements. Quiz dates may be announced ahead of time or may be unannounced. If you are absent for a quiz, the quiz will be taken as soon as you return to school. See the late work/absences portion of the syllabus. Plickers quizzes cannot be made up nor reassessed.

    Review and Test Preparation

    It is expected that you read your textbook, take notes and pay attention in class, and ask questions for clarification as we progress through the course. Study guides that are provided will be a list of focused topics and generalized questions. Hold on to all your assignments, quizzes, etc. to help review for each test, including the cumulative midterm and final.


    Grading Percentage and Quality of Work



    Description of Work



    Consistently demonstrates an exceptional level of quality and effort. Mastery in evaluating, synthesizing, and applying the principles of earth science.



    Consistently demonstrates proficient knowledge with a good effort and quality of work. Demonstrates the ability to evaluate, analyze, synthesize and apply the principles of earth science.



    Demonstrates proficient knowledge and the ability to apply and analyze earth science principles.



    Demonstrates a basic understanding of recalling or comprehending earth science principles.


    Below 60%

    Understanding is below basic in relation to earth science principles. Work does not meet standards or expectations.

    Grade Reporting Procedures

    Parents can access grades through Power School at https://ps.ddtwo.org/public/.  Formal progress reports can be requested of the teacher at any time.  Interim reports will be issued at the midpoint of each quarter and emails of student progress will be sent out at regular intervals.  Report cards will be issued at the end of each quarter.



    Participation in class lecture, activities, lab, demonstrations, and other assigned work are essential to success in any science class.  Work missed due to absence must be made up within 3 days of return to school unless other arrangements are made with the teacher.  Students absent for the lab will be allowed to complete the required assignment during ILT as scheduled by the teacher. 


    Academic Integrity

    Academic integrity is the pursuit of scholarly activity in an open, honest and responsible manner.  Academic integrity includes a commitment not to engage in or tolerate acts of falsification, misrepresentation or deception.  Such acts of dishonesty violate the fundamental ethical principles of the Summerville High School community and compromise the worth of work completed by others.  Examples are:

    1. Cheating: Using crib sheets; preprogramming a calculator; texting with a cell phone, using notes or books during a closed book exam; Looking at other unsuspecting students' exams and copying; copying in a complicit manner with another student; exchanging numbered exams for the purpose of copying; passing answers via notes; discussing answers in exam; etc
    2. Plagiarism: Fabricating information and/or citations; copying from the Internet or submitting the work of others from professional journals, books, articles and papers; submitting other students' papers or lab results or project reports and representing the work as one's own; fabricating, in part or total, submissions and citing them falsely; etc.


    Interventions and Opportunity for Extra Help

    Each day during Individual Learning Time (ILT) students will be able to seek tutoring and extra help. Teachers may offer tutoring at other times as their schedule permits. Assigned Structured Learning Time (SLT) is NOT optional and will be assigned whenever expectations are not being met. Failure to attend an SLT session will result in parent contact and/or administrative referral.

    Reassessment Policy

    If a student earns less than an 85 on a unit test they will be given the opportunity to reassess to earn a maximum grade of an 85, provided they meet the following requirements:

    • Mandatory Structured Learning Time (SLT)
    • Complete any missing classwork or homework for the unit
    • Complete the reassessment before the next unit test or by the end of the grading period

    *Please note that this is not the same as a make-up work policy, which is established by the individual teacher.


    Late Work

    Turning in assignments on time is crucial to success. Students are expected to complete all assignments. Since the assignments are designed to assist students in understanding the material before taking their unit test, the maximum possible score on an assignment turned in after the unit test is a 50.


    Parent/Teacher Contact

    Parents should feel free to ask about their student’s progress.  Teacher conferences/meeting can be scheduled through guidance.   Please email for the timeliest response. (jethompson@dorchester2.k12.sc.us)


    Remind.com Parents and students are encouraged to download the app and register for teacher message reminders through www.Remind.com. Join the class @cfkb7b4 on remind to start receiving notifications!


    Expectations and Consequences

    Students are expected to follow all SHS Handbook guidelines, show respect to themselves and others, be prepared at the bell daily, and follow all directions by SHS staff and invited guests. Cell phones will be permitted at the teacher’s discretion and will be used for educational purposes only. Any cell phones used without teacher permission or for personal use may be confiscated. Consequences for not following classroom expectations include, but are not limited to, parent contact and/or conference, detention during ILT, and an administrative referral.


    Daily Required Materials Class notebook & two pens or pencils daily


    Recommended Materials Colored pencils, glue, and basic calculator (NOT cell phone).


    Teacher Requested Materials for the Classroom Printer paper, colored pencils, markers, crayons, construction paper, extra notebook paper, pencils, pens, erasers.




    Take the following page home and have Parent/Guardian sign and return by 1/24/2020.



    Please return completed to Mr. Howard  by 1/24/2020


    Summerville High School Science Laboratory Safety Contract and Syllabus Acknowledgement

    Questions for the student:  (Please circle the appropriate response)


    Do you wear contacts?                                   Yes                   No

    Are you color blind?                                       Yes                   No      

    Do you have allergies?                                   Yes                   No

    Please list your allergies:




    Laboratory Safety Agreement

    I, _______________________________________, have read and agree to follow the laboratory safety rules set forth in this contract.  I realize I must obey these rules to insure my own safety and that of my fellow students and teachers.  I am aware that any violation of this safety contract that results in unsafe conduct in the laboratory or misbehavior on my part, may result in being removed from the laboratory, detention, and/or dismissal from the course.


    Student name (printed): _______________________________________


    Student signature: ________________________________________  Date: _________________


    Dear Parent or Guardian,

    We feel that you should be informed regarding the school’s effort to create and maintain a safe science classroom/laboratory environment. Please read the list of safety rules above.  No student will be permitted to perform laboratory activities unless the contract is signed by both the student and parent/guardian and is on file with the teacher.

    Your signature on this contract indicates that you have read this Student Safety Contract, are aware of the measures take to insure the safety of your son/daughter in the laboratory, and will instruct your son/daughter to uphold his/her agreement to follow these rules and procedures.

    Thank you, from the Summerville High School Science Department.


    Parent/Guardian name (printed): ________________________________


    Parent/Guardian signature: __________________________________ Date: ________________



    I have read and understand the Earth Science Syllabus:


    Student Name (Print): ________________________________________  Class Period:                


    Student Signature:  __________________________________________  Date:                      


    Parent Email:                                                                                                                                     


    Best phone number to reach you during the day:                                                                                        


    Parent Signature:  __________________________________________  Date:                       


    Please write anything you think I should be aware of concerning your child: (may use the back if needed)