• Dorchester School District Two Cohort

    M.Ed. in Ed. Leadership

    In partnership with The Citadel

  • The Dorchester School District Two M. Ed. Leadership is designed to prepare a select cohort of experienced Dorchester School District Two teachers and other professionals to successfully enter the role of the assistant principal. A rigorous selection process will facilitate the inclusion and preparation of the best future assistant principal candidates from across the district.  The cohort will bring educational peers together to study, network and learn as a unit throughout the program. The program’s learning format recognizes the demands of the teaching profession while maintaining the rigors of a quality leadership training program.

    Note: This program is designed for district educators who are interested in school administration AND have NOT started or previously completed a M. Ed Leadership program.

     Additional Information:

    • 39 credit hours (13 classes)
    • $595 per credit hour
      • Citadel discounts 25%
      • Dorchester Two pays 25%
      • Participant pays remaining 50%
        • Check, Debit/Credit Card, or Payroll Deduction
      • Minimum Number of Participants: 12 Maximum: Number of Participants:  20       
      • Classes scheduled to begin Fall 2020
        • Classes taught in Dorchester Two

     Following the interest meeting, educators will complete and submit an application to Dorchester School District Two. The school district will in turn, select the educators for the program and forward information for these individuals to The Citadel for registration through the college. 

Program Contacts:

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  • Application Requirements:

    1. Application via Frontine Applitrack (Job ID 736)
    2. Current professional resume
      • All resumes must be two pages or less in length and submitted electronically in PDF format via Frontline Applitrack.
    3. Three References
      • At least one coming from an immediate supervisor.
    4. Application essay
      • Submissions should be no longer than two pages in length in PDF format, submitted electronically via Frontline Applitrack, and answer the following question: “In what ways have you taken on campus/department leadership outside of your classroom/department and across your campus/department that positively impacts student success?”
    5. Interview
      • All applicants must participate in a brief interview (online or face-to-face).
    6. Important Dates:
      • March 9, 2020- Application window opens
      • April 6, 2020- Application, current resume, and essay due
      • April 13-27, 2020- Interviews (online or face-to-face)
      • June 4, 2020- Applicants notified of application status
    7. Commitment to Dorchester School District Two

    Any attachments you have difficulty uploading can be sent to Paula Cooper

    Applicants who are selected for the cohort must commit to employment in Dorchester Two for a minimum of 5 years post completion of the M.Ed. in Ed. Leadership Degree. Additionally, if a cohort participant fails to successfully complete the degree and/or leaves the district prior to completion of the degree, the cohort participant will be expected to repay the district for its investment to that point.

Q & A

  • What if I already have a master's degree?

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    Answer:  The Citadel offers a certification only track for those candidates who already have a master's degree. This program is 30 hours v. the 39 hours in the traditional M.Ed. program. 

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  • When can we register for the program?

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    Answer:  Once the list of candidates is provided from DD2 to The Citadel, you will receive application instructions that are specific to the cohort. Using these instructions is critical to ensure you receive your discounts. 

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  • Is financial aid available?

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    Answer:  Yes, please use the link to explore your options. 


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  • Will there be additional fees?

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    Answer:  You will have to purchase LiveText one time, and that account will be good for 5 years. This is your electronic portfolio. Aside from books, there will no additional fees (Live Text and books). All other fees are waived.

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  • What is the hybrid model used at The Citadel?

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    Answer:  You will have 2 classes per term, but will only meet one night face-to-face. The courses will alternate between face-to-face and on-line assignments. 


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  • Will we take classes in the summer?

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    Answer:  Yes, you will take 2 courses per term, to include summer 1 and summer 2. 

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  • Will we have trouble getting the classes we need?

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    Answer No, all cohorts are scheduled to finish within a 2 year period.

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  • Is the 595$ after the 25% discount from the Citadel and the 25% discount from DD2?

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    Answer:  Tuition is $595 per credit hour BEFORE the discounts are applied.

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  • I have a question about my residency.

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    I have been, employed as a teacher in DD2 since the beginning of the school year.  I did not get a lease agreement, therefore starting my residency in South Carolina, until September 1st. How would that affect my instate tuition for the Fall of 2020, and if I needed to wait until the Fall of 2021.                                       

    Answer:  As a member of the cohort, you will get SC in state tuition. 

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  • I currently hold a Masters +30 in Speech Language Pathology...

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    ...for someone like me, who might be interested in an M. Ed, are there restrictions because I am not a classroom, general education, teacher?

    Answer:  The district is not aware of any restrictions from the application process if that is what you are referencing. Once we have the applicants, we as a district team will be reviewing and choosing those who will participate in the cohort.

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  • Is this M.ED in Leadership Cohort typically offered each year or is this a one-time opportunity...

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    ...throught the DD2 and The Citadel? 

    Answer:  It has been several years since we offered the cohort program as part of the district. Future offerings have not been determined.

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