• ****4/3 Update****

    Today, College Board has released a lot more information about the online exams.  I'm attaching a document below to include exam specific information, but the biggest point in my opinion is that it will be a 2 Question Free Response Test, administered in 45 Minutes and administered online on May 22nd at 2pm Eastern Time. See document for more informaiton

    ****end ****

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  • Hey Everyone!  So, we've learned a lot since last week about the AP exam and there is still more to learn!  Since the last two units will not be on the exam, We will shift our focus to prepare for the AP exam. College Board and the AP program still wants you to learn that material, so the work you have been doing in Khan Academy is still good!  And you will still get a grade for it ;).  Finish it when you can- I'm not going to be strict on the chi-square due dates.  

    I'm posting a document below detailing exactly what you will need to do over the next 4 weeks.  Mostly, it will consist of going into AP classroom to answer FRQs.  There will be 4 due a week (starting week 2; week 1 only has 2 FRQs).  I will be scoring these and hopefully communicating with each of you on what you did well and areas for improvement.

    This is the link for the AP Live videos reviewing for the AP Exam. Currently they are going over Chi-Square! AP Live

    I suggest going there! And remember I'm available during regular school hours M-F! :)  Miss you guys!!

    Mrs. Butler

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  • Hey everyone!

    We truly only have 2 weeks left of notes before we are completely finished with the material for AP Statistics.  While school is closed, you will start learning about Chi-Square testing.  I'm going to attach guided notes below for my lesson and I will post my notes from last year as well.  In addition, we will utilize Khan Academy during this closure.  Khan Academy is partnered with College Board, so it's a great resource.

    First!  Sign up for our class in Khan Academy by going to this link - Khan Academy Butler AP Stats or by going to www.khanacademy.org/join and enter your class code GS5Z9UVC

    When you sign up, you will see the chi-square unit that is being assigned.

    I am available if you need help- just email me and we can work through it. My notes are below if you want a guide that feels like the way I teach.  

    I want to help as much as I can- let me know what you need.

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