Classified Employee Technology Learning Path

  • Required Operational Training

    Safety Training - Vector Solutions

    Every year employees are required to complete safety training through SafeSchools. Follow the directions linked above to create your account. Be sure to select your job title link when registering as different roles require different training.

    Technology Work Orders - Cantey

    Dorchester School District Two uses a local technology company, Cantey Tech Consulting, to manage our hardware and network infrastructure. If you have an issue with any district hardware you will contact using the directions linked above to resolve the issue.

    Maintenance Work Orders - My School Building (SchoolDude)

    All maintenance work orders are handled through My School Building, also known as School Dude. Before submitting a maintenance work order, you will need to create your account in the system following the directions linked above. You will need the following code to register your account with the district: 190987974.

    School Dude Website

    School Dude Training Guide

    Collaboration and Communication 

    Collaboration and Communication - Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is used across the district to facilitate collaboration and communication through chat, video messaging and meetings, and file sharing. Review the introductory video above so you are familiar with the basics of Microsoft Teams and how it is used in Dorchester School District Two. More information and features about Microsoft Teams can be found in the Other Recommended Training below.

    Office 365 Access - Including District Outlook Email Access

    Every student and employee in Dorchester School District Two has access to Office 365. Office 365 allows access to things like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams online as well as 5 licenses to install these programs on your own computers. Your Office 365 account is also used to allow you access to many of our district resources through Clever.

    Other Recommended Training

    Professional Development Manager - PowerSchool Professional Learning

    PowerSchool Professional Learning (PL) is used to find and register for professional development sessions offered across the district. PL keeps track of renewal and technology credits from both within the district as well as professional development from outside the district provided document is submitted.

    Online Professional Development - DD2 Online PD Team

    To view all current Online Professional Development currently available, you will need to join the DD2 Online PD Team. This video offers a quick and simple way to to join the DD2 Online PD Team and how to find the training you available.