Dorchester School District Two

Practicum and Student Teaching Guidelines

  • It is the desire of Dorchester School District to provide a nurturing learning environment that will continue to foster the growth of aspiring educators. Student teaching in Dorchester Two is a culminating experience in the education journey that is rich in hands-on learning experiences for each student. Dorchester Two partners with colleges and universities to provide these experiences for college students.

    Prior to a practicum and student teaching placement, the college/university in which the student is enrolled must have a current affiliation agreement contract and a current Certificate of Insurance on file with Dorchester Two. The Certificate of Insurance must be generated by the college/university. Both documents should be submitted via email to Dr. Kenneth Wilson, Director of Staff Development & Teacher Evaluation at .

    This same procedure will be followed for practicum, intern, and student teacher placements in Dorchester School District Two.

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  • 1.  Student Teaching Request Form.

    The request for approval of the student teaching placement must be submitted to the Dorchester School District Two Personnel Department by the college/university designee who oversees student teaching placement.

    • Student teachers will complete the form below

    • College/University Program Directors will complete the form below

    2.  Student Teacher Application in AppliTrack

    Student Teacher candidate will submit an External Application in AppliTrack indicating a Position Desired as Student Teacher (Seasonal Employment section).  Notify Paula Cooper in Personnel when your application is submitted.

    3.  South Carolina Department of Education Application.

    Prior to student teacher placement, candidates must ensure that their applications at the South Carolina Department of Education are complete by going online and clicking on the View Certification Status link at the top of the SCDE Certification web page. You can access the information by way of the following link:

    Additional information regarding fees and submission of application materials can be found at the SCDE website using the following link:

    SLED/FBI Background Check Procedures. A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint review of all applicants for educator certification is required by State law (59-25-115). To better serve applicants and the Office of Educator Certification, the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED), has partnered with L-1 Enrollment Services (L-1) to provide a more efficient procedure for applicant fingerprint processing. Processing centers have been established in major population areas throughout the state to do a live scan of applicant fingerprints and receive identifying information for electronic submission to SLED for processing. All processing will be performed by SLED personnel after submission by L-1 staff; no criminal history information will be available to L-1 or its staff. SLED personnel will forward the fingerprints to the FBI which will cause a criminal background report to be sent to the Office of Educator Certification to be used solely for the determination of eligibility for educator certification. Turnaround time for the criminal background report is anticipated to be 1-2 weeks. For more information regarding the background check process please visit the Office of Educator Certification website at or call 803-896-0325.

    Note: Pursuant to section 59-25-115 of the SC Code of Laws, all teacher candidates must have a cleared background check on file with the SCDE before they can begin a student teacher semester. Background checks are valid for 18 months.

    Options for Submitting Fingerprints.

    Electronic Live Scan: The preferred method of registration is to schedule an appointment with L-1 by registering online at IdentoGO . Applicants without internet can apply by calling MorphoTrust toll-free at 866-254-2366. A processing form is provided outlining the required information you must submit, which includes the following:

    Agency ORI: SC920060Z
    Reason Fingerprinted: EDUCATOR CERTIFICATION

    At the time of printing, the processing fee was $50.50.

    Manual Card Scan (Out of State Residents): If you do not reside in South Carolina, you may have your fingerprints done manually by a local police department. A fingerprint card may be requested from the Office of Educator Services by calling 803-896-0325 or by emailing . Register and pay for the Fingerprint Processing Service through MorphoTrust at IndentoGO. For assistance with the registration process, please contact MorphoTrust at 844-321-2124.

    Please refer to the SCDE website via the following link for complete instructions regarding completion and submission of both the electronic and manual fingerprint cards;

    4.  Cooperating Teachers

    Dorchester School District Two offers effective teachers the opportunity to share their vast knowledge and expertise in the area of teaching and instruction with student teachers, interns and observers from our partnering universities, colleges, alternative certification programs and other teacher preparation programs. Cooperating Teachers are lifelong learners who successfully implement best practices, are proficient in interacting and communicating with student teachers and are dedicated to helping mold our future educators. Effective Cooperating Teachers are an intricate part in the development and success of the student teacher.


    • At least three years’ experience in your field of study and current courses taught
    • Valid credentials within your field
    • Received “Proficient” or above on most recent Teacher Evaluation
    • Strong knowledge base of your content area
    • Proficiency in lesson planning and delivery of instruction
    • Commitment to helping mold a future educator
    • Positive attitude toward the profession, position, parents, students, and colleagues
    • Ability to interact and communicate in a respectful, caring and supportive way
    • Flexibility and patience
    • Good listening and problem solving skills
    • Willingness to share your classroom, materials and resources with pre-service students
    • Recommendation and approval of School Principal


    Elementary Cooperating Teacher Agreement
    Secondary Cooperating Teacher Agreement

    5.  Safe Schools.

    Student teachers must show proof of having completed the following trainings prior to student teaching:

    • FERPA: Confidentiality of Records
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Hazard Communication: Right to Understand
    • Blood Borne Pathogens
    • Sexual Harassment

    For questions about the Dorchester School District Two Student Teacher Program, contact Dr. Kenneth Wilson at  or Paula Cooper at .