Hours of Operation

  • 7:40am - 3:30pm

    available by email after hours

Due Dates

    • All hybrid students have book check out day every other week. This is an easy time for them to return and check out books. Students get 3 weeks with their books before it is due. Students can renew any book as long as they have the book with them on their check out day.
    • Book can be returned any time by dropping them in the book drops downstairs or outside the Library Media Center. 
    • Students may only check out two physical books at a time unless a prior arrangment is made and the student demonstrates superb responsibility. Sora will allow students to check eBooks in addition to the two permitted by the school library.

Fines & Fees

  • The only fines and fees that will be charged this year are for books that are not returned.

    Email notifications go out when books are overdue. If the book is not returned 30 days after its due date, the fine will be applied to the students PowerSchool account.

    When the book is returned or the fine paid, the account will be cleared. Fines can be paid here (with a $3.95 service fee) or cash or check made out to River Oaks Middle School. All fees will be taken in the library.