• Fort Dorchester High School offers Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp. (AFJROTC) The program teaches leadership, responsibility and other life skills as well as serves as a pathway for the military for students interested in joining the armed services.


    Here are frequently asked questions about JROTC.

    Question: What is JROTC/Aerospace Science?

    Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps also known as Aerospace Science is an elective class. JROTC may count for your PE credit for your first year and is offered all four years of high school. The courses consist of three components – Aerospace Science, Leadership Education, and a Wellness Program (PE).

    The “GOALS” of the program are to instill:

    • The values of citizenships
    • Service to the United States
    • Personal responsibility
    • A sense of accomplishment


    Question: Do students in JROTC have to join the military?

    NO, they do not have to join the military.  However, students who decide to join the military will enlist at a higher rank and paygrade. They also can earn a higher rank in College ROTC however; there is no obligation to join the military.


    Question: Does JROTC help students go to college?

    Participating in JROTC teaches students about college and other educational and employment opportunities. JROTC training improves students’ ability to study, take tests, set goals and focus. It stresses leadership, teamwork and effective communication, all skills desired in college students and workers. Students may also be eligible for ROTC scholarships for college.


    Question: Do JROTC cadets have to wear uniforms?

    Students are required to wear their uniforms ONCE a week or if they are going to take part in a special event or ceremony. The rest of the week cadets wear normal clothing. Uniforms are issued at NO cost to the student.  The student is required to clean and maintain the uniform and return it when their JROTC school years are complete.


    Question: Are there special fees for participating in JROTC?

    Yes, an activity fee of $30, which includes a unit T-shirt. Any damaged uniform items beyond normal wear and tear will also incur a cost to the student/parent.  This activity fee offsets costs for many great events: Military Ball, Wing Down Day, field trips etc.


    Question: Who teaches JROTC?

    Retired Air Force personnel teach classes along with the cadet leaders.  Ft Dorchester High School AFJROTC has an enrollment of approximately 300 cadets that are managed by four instructors.  The Air Force JROTC program certifies all instructors but JROTC instructors work for the school district.


    Question: How does JROTC prepare students for success after graduation?

    JROTC teaches students to think logically and communicate effectively.  JROTC also teaches leadership and followership and gives cadets an opportunity to lead other cadets and events.   It helps students understand the importance of graduating high school and introduces them to other educational and employment opportunities.


    Question: How does JROTC prepare students for success in life?

    The program prepares students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as Americans.  Students learn about good citizenship and are encouraged to volunteer in their communities. They develop strong ethical values and principles associated with good citizenship.


    Question:  Are afterschool activities- TEAMS participation required?

    NO, all afterschool, Saturday events and competitions are VOLUNTARY. ROTC grade is not affected.