The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

  • Welcome to Research Day!

    We know Rod Serling wrote The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street in response to two movements or events of the 1950s.

    • The Red Scare
    • McCarthyism

    As we discussed yesterday, we need to know what happened during the Red Scare and what McCarthyism is before we can understand the author's purpose.  We have completed the crucial first step in the Big6 Research process:  Task Definition

    Step 1 Task Definition

    Ms. Bennett and Ms. Musselman have completed Step 2 for you.  We created this webpage as a pathfinder.  A pathfinder is a guide created by a teacher or librarian that points out promising sources for your research.  We have collected a list of resources we feel confident will supply you with what you need to know.  Therefore this step is complete: 

    Step 2 Info Seeking Strategies

    Today is the day you tackle Step 3 out of the Big6 by using the sources you find in the pathfinder. 

    Step 3 Location and access

     Below you will find several links or directions to links.  As you find information, be sure to save two things: 

    1) the information that answers the questions of what were the Red Scare and McCarthyism

    2) the citation for the source where you found this information (A citation is a record of where you found the information.)


  • What is a database and how can it be better than Googling stuff?

    • It is a collection place for magazine articles, academic articles, books, newspaper articles, etc.
    • Pulls articles from publications that have editors and fact checkers. You can be sure the information is correct and verified.
    • You can sort your search results to get only current articles.
    • You can filter your results to find only magazines, or newspapers, or books…

    How do I gain access to a database?

    Here, and at many colleges, they are found on the school’s library page.  You'll find some of ours in the Library Media Resources in Clever.

    You have probably heard of Discus.  The state of South Carolina pays for access to that database for anyone that lives in-state.

    Discus has databases, encyclopedias, and other websites that are managed and edited by professionals.

    Arrow pointing to Discus icon

    This pathfinder recommends three Databases in particular.  You can find them on Discus using the A-Z list.  Check the screenshot below to see what that will look like.

    Arrows showing A-Z List of Discus resources

Gale Biography

  • Gale Biography icon

    This database contains articles on specific people from history and from current events.  In each article, you can find related links, so you can explore beyond the text presented.  Remember, you want to know about the author of The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street so that you can understand his purpose for writing.

     Links for biography articles

Credo Reference

  • Credo Reference logo

    This database is a general reference encylopedia.  It is a great place to start when you know nothing about a topic.  When you search, you will find brief articles like you would in a paper encyclopedia but look on the right for a topic web.  You might find a related term that brings a rich result.

History Reference Center

  • History Reference Center icon

    This database is the place to search for events or movements in history.  When you search a topic, you will see books, ebooks, articles, and book reviews in the results.



    This website is a respected source of historical information.  This article and short video give a clear overview and background of how Americans came to truly fear the advance of communists.  There are links to related topics so you can gain more insight into the time period.

    Note: kindly left you exactly what you need in a section called "Citation Information" at the bottom of the article!  Thanks,!

  • CrashCourse video

    Here is a video that shows the history of the Cold War in under 15 minutes!  Rather than making this your first stop, do some general research (Credo Reference?) first so his high-speed narration makes more sense. Also, on YouTube videos, you can click the “gear” icon and change the playback speed to .75 to help understand what you are hearing. 

    The Cold War: Crash Course US History #37

    Note: YouTube videos will not play on your school laptop.  Perhaps this could be an at-home viewing?

  • Discovery Education

    This website is a terrific collection of educational videos and articles that has broad search capabilities.  You can watch segments or entire videos.  Many of the videos are brief summaries.  You can see the number of minutes on the thumbnail picture of each video.

    We have a link to this site on our Clever page.  Scroll to the section called DD2 Instructional Programs.  Once there, your search results can be filtered for grades 6-8 along the top and for content along the left margin.  Have fun poking around this site!


  • Nonfiction books

    McCarthyism and the red scare by Hudak, H.

    Call number:  973.9 HUD

     The Cold War by Piddock, C

    Call number:  909.82 PID

     The American dream: the 50s by Time-Life books

    Call number: 973.91 AME

     Communism by Grant, R.G.

    Call Number:  335.43 GRA

    Fiction Books

    Suspect Red by Elliot, LM

    Call number:  F ELL

     The Crucible by Miller, A.

    Call number:  812 Mil


  • Discovery Education –

    Visit your school Clever page and open Discovery Education. The icon is in the DD2 Instructional Resources section.  Search for the following title:

    Stuff you should know podcast:  How McCarthyism works

    For those students who like to listen and learn, this 30-minute podcast relates how McCarthyism turned Americans against each other.