• South Carolina Requirements for Staying Home When Ill

    In an effort to help protect well children from unnecessary exposure to contagious or infectious diseases, South Carolina requires that children and staff with certain diseases and conditions stay home from school or childcare while contagious.

    DHEC publishes the School and Childcare Exclusion List each year. The Exclusion List explains how long ill children and staff should stay out of school or childcare, and what is needed before the child/student or employee is permitted to return. Please note this list includes COVID-19 situations.

    For a complete list of excludable illnesses and the information required to return to childcare or school please see the School and Childcare Exclusion List.

    If you have any questions about the School and Childcare Exclusion List, please contact your child's school nurse or visit https://scdhec.gov/health/child-teen-health/school-exclusion.