• Induction Program for New DD2 Teachers

    Program Description 

    Dorchester School District Two promotes and supports the continued development of all teachers.  New teachers to the profession have a unique variety of needs.  Our District has put procedures and activities in place to address these needs.  New teachers to the profession are required to participate in an induction program designed to familiarize them with the ADEPT Performance Standards and to provide feedback and support for the teacher in implementing the standards.   Induction contract teachers are assisted and supported by school-based personnel and district office personnel during their induction contract year. 

    The program has been designed to meet the South Carolina ADEPT regulations and the Induction & Mentoring Guidelines. A full copy of the ADEPT system guidelines and mentoring guidelines are available at http://ed.sc.gov/agency/ee/Educator-Evaluation-Effectiveness/.

    Assistance Teams

    All induction teachers are assigned assistance teams consisting of school-based administrator(s), a district level administrator and a mentor. The Coordinator of Teacher Evaluation assigns the district office administrator and works with the school-based administrator in selecting the mentor. (Changes in the mentor assignments can be made at request of the mentor or induction teacher.)  All persons serving on an assistance team are required to have completed training in the ADEPT Performance Standards. Teachers serving as mentors will have received additional training in mentoring skills. Induction contract teachers will receive oral and written feedback during their induction year from their assistance team.  

    School-Based Administrator’s Responsibilities

    ¨      Conduct an official walk-through observation and provide feedback to the teacher.(1 walk-through per semester, beginning after the third week of school - Performance Standards 4-9; walk-through feedback form)

    ¨      Conduct unannounced, formal classroom observations and provide written and oral provide feedback.  (One during the fall prior to Christmas break and one during the spring prior by mid March - Performance Standards 4 –9)

    ¨      Provide feedback to the teacher on professional behaviors during the fall evaluation period and spring evaluation period. Review the teacher’s professional growth plan. (Performance Standard 10)

    ¨      Review with the teacher their overall preliminary performance prior to the end of first semester. (Preliminary Summary Form; send copy to the Coordinator of Teacher Evaluation)

    ¨      Review the Unit Work Sample during the spring evaluation period. (Performance Standards 2 & 3)

    ¨      Review the student learning objective during fall evaluation period.

    ¨      Provide on-going support utilizing the mentor and other key school or district personnel.

    ¨      Conduct a summative conference with the teacher using the Induction Contract Teacher Summary Form and send a copy to the Coordinator of Teacher Evaluation.

    ¨      Maintain a file of all required documentation gathered by the Assistance Team.

    District Office Administrator’s Responsibilities

    ¨      Conduct one walk-through observation of all teachers assigned to them during first semester and provide written feedback. (Performance Standards 4-9)

    ¨      Conduct one unannounced, formal classroom observation during the spring 

            and conduct a follow-up conference. (Performance Standards 4–9)

    Program Instructor’s Responsibilities

    ¨Ensure that initial instruction in all components of the ADEPT Performance Standards is provided during induction meetings.

    ¨      Provide formal feedback concerning the Long-Range Plan to the induction

          contract teacher in the spring. (Performance Standard 1; LRP Feedback    Form) 

    ¨       Provide the school principal with copies of documentation.

    Mentor Teacher’s Responsibilities

    ¨      Meet with the induction contract teacher at least twice a month during the first semester and monthly during the second semester.

    ¨      Complete the reflection log for each meeting.

    ¨      Invite the induction contract teacher into his/her classroom to observe.

    ¨      Observe the induction contract teacher during the fall and spring.  (2 walk-throughs and 1 full period)

    ¨      Provide feedback to the teacher following the observations.

    ¨      Assist the induction teacher in developing a professional growth goal(s) based on identified needs. This goal(s) should be developed no later than the end of first October.

    ¨      Provide feedback to the induction contract teacher on the Long-Range Plan.

    ¨      Review the induction teacher’s unit work sample.

    ¨      Review the induction teacher’s student learning objective. 

    ¨      Complete an end-of-year reflection critiquing Dorchester District Two’s Mentoring Program and turn in the meeting log.

    Induction Teacher’s Responsibilities

    ¨         Attend all induction in-service sessions.

    ¨         Complete any assignments as requested by course instructors.

    ¨         Develop an appropriate Long-Range Plan.

    ¨         Develop an appropriate unit work sample instructional unit.

    ¨         Observe experienced teachers and reflect on the observations.

    ¨         Respond constructively to suggestions made by the assistance team as a result of walk-through and classroom observations.

    ¨         Demonstrate professional behavior.

    ¨         Develop an appropriate professional development goal(s) by the end of first semester.

    ¨         Develop an appropriate Student Learning Objective by the end of the first semester.



    ¨Smith, Rick, ( 2004). Conscious Classroom Management.  Fairfax, California:       Conscious Teaching Publications, Inc.

    ¨ The South Carolina Teacher Performance Standards

    Contract/ Employment Implications

      ♦ Ten of ten Performance Standards must be rated competent to move to an      annual contract status. Induction teachers not meeting that standard may    be subject to the non-renewal of their contract and will be assigned an annual diagnostic contract status in the state reporting system.

    ♦ The teacher must be recommended for reemployment in the district by the site-   based administrator even if the teacher meets standards on the evaluation.  In making this recommendation, the administrator will consider:           

    •           feedback received from the teacher’s district observer
    •           feedback on the teacher’s participation in the required Induction Program 
    •           the formal and informal observations by school administrators
    •           the school administrator’s assessment of the induction teacher’s working relationships with colleagues and  parents
    •           the teacher’s receptiveness to offered interventions and suggestions for improvement, and
    •          the teacher’s support of  school/district initiatives.

     ♦  The Induction teacher must successfully complete the induction program requirements listed below:

                                        no more that 3 absences are allowed and

                                        written assignments are completed as assigned.