• Certified Personnel Extra Duty

    Certified Personnel Extra Duty
    The board expects teachers to assume reasonable duties over and above their regular teaching responsibilities in order to provide students with the most comprehensive program possible.  These extra duties may include daily class preparation and attendance at staff meetings.
    All teachers are expected to attend functions of their respective schools and, when requested, to assist the principal/director.
    Teachers are expected to attend the appropriate parent-teacher meetings of their respective schools.
    The district does not expect staff members who are on duty at school functions where admission is charged to pay the admission fees. 
    Activities and services that make major demands on a teacher’s extra time is considered an extra duty assignment.  The board may compensate such assignments in accordance with the board’s supplementary pay schedule that is annually considered by the board.
    Department and/or grade chairpersons
    The principal of each school will recommend department and/or grade chairpersons for his/her school to the superintendent for approval by July 1 of the academic year for which the recommendations are made.  The principal is responsible for the performance evaluation of each chairperson under his/her supervision and for the removal and replacement of any individual.
    The district will pay each department and/or grade chairperson a salary for his/her service in that position.  This supplement will be in addition to any other supplement the employee receives and will be based uniformly on the number of members in the department chaired.
    The district will require all chairpersons to teach the same number of periods as are taught by the other members of his/her department or grade.
    Policy GCMD, Issue Date 7/00