• Grievance Procedures

    Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances
    The purpose of this grievance procedure is to settle, at the lowest possible administrative level, employee complaints relating to contracts, salaries, and working conditions.  Working conditions refer to class loads, planning time, physical facilities, activities and so forth.  This procedure does not apply to reassignment of administrators in accordance with S.C. (Ann 59-25-15 1998 Supp). All proceedings shall be confidential and any disposition of the case shall not be made public without the agreement of all parties.
    Grievance:A complaint by any member of the staff of the district schools based upon alleged violation of personal or professional rights.  It may be initiated orally or in writing at Level One and should be done within a reasonable time following the act or condition that is the basis of the complaint.  At all levels beyond Level One, the grievance must be in writing.  The following shall not be considered grievances under this procedure as they are covered by other policies: dismissal, non-renewal/demotion, and reassignment of administrators.
    1.During the grievance procedure, the employee shall continue to perform all duties and observe all applicable rules and regulations of the District until the grievance has been resolved.
    2.The aggrieved, in his/her written request for a hearing on any level, must indicate if he/she intends to have legal counsel present at the particular level.
    3.Each party shall pay and be responsible for individual costs incurred, including but not limited to legal fees.
    4.The grievance procedure shall not be construed as limiting the right of an employee to discuss a concern with a member of the District’s administration.
    5.An administrator or supervisor may not deny or restrict any rights or privileges of any employee who has initiated a grievance.
    6.Failure at any step of this procedure to appeal the grievance to the next level within the specified time limits shall be deemed acceptance of the decision rendered at that level.
    7.Beginning with Level One, the employee, supervisor or administrator may request a fellow employee, department head or supervisor, administrator, or other staff member to participate in a grievance as a conferee.
    Policy GBK Issue Date 3/25/02
    1.Informal Complaint: When an employee feels that a grievance exists, the matter shall first be discussed with the principal or immediate supervisor in an effort to resolve the problem informally.  The employee and the principal or immediate supervisor shall confer on the grievance with a view toward arriving at a mutually satisfactory resolution of the complainant.  This should be done in five (5) school days unless prohibited by extenuating circumstances.  At the conference, the aggrieved may appear alone or be accompanied by a mutually acceptable staff member.  Principals and district office staff shall be accorded the same privilege.
    2.Level One-Formal Complaint to Principal /Immediate Supervisor:If the problem is not resolved to the satisfaction of the aggrieved at the Informal Level, a formal grievance may be submitted to the principal or immediate supervisor.  The grievance shall be in writing and specify: (a) the nature of the grievance; (b) the nature of the extent of the injury, loss, or inconvenience; (c) the results of previous discussions; and (d) reasons for dissatisfaction with decisions previously rendered.  The principal or immediate supervisor shall communicate his or her decision to the aggrieved in writing within three (3) school days of receipt of the written grievance.
    3.Level Two-Appeal to the Superintendent: If the grievance is not resolved at Level One, the aggrieved employee may appeal in writing to the Superintendent within five (5) school days of receipt of the Level One decision.
          The Superintendent may refer the aggrieved to another member of the district office staff who has jurisdiction to deal with and
          help resolve the matter as stated in the grievance.
          The Level Two supervisor or his designee and any appropriate parties shall investigate and conduct an appeal conference with
          the aggrieved within five (5) school days, unless the parties agree to a delay for mutual convenience.  A written decision shall
          be rendered to the aggrieved employee within five (5) school days.
          If the appeal relates to a complaint regarding the Superintendent, Level Two is preempted, and the appeal shall proceed to
          Level Three.
    4.Level Three-Appeal to the Board of Trustees: In the event the aggrieved is not satisfied with the disposition of the   grievance at Level Two, the aggrieved may submit a written appeal to the chairman of the Board of Trustees within five (5) school days following receipt of the Level Two decision.
          A request for a hearing before the Board of Trustees may be made along with a request that the superintendent submit a
          summary of the lower grievance proceedings to the Board.  All hearings before the Board shall be closed to the public. 
          Unless the Board requests otherwise, the parties will not be allowed to present witnesses at the hearing.
          The Board shall notify the aggrieved of its decision in writing within five (5) school days after the hearing.  In the event a
          hearing is not requested, the Board shall render its decision within thirty (30) days of  receipt of the appeal.  The decision of
          the Board shall be final.
    S.C. Ann 59-25-15 (1998 Supp.)
    Policy GBK-R Issue Date 3/25/02