• Personnel File

     Each contracted employee in the district has a personnel file which is maintained in the district’s Personnel Office.  This file is established upon employment and contains the following items:

    ·        Original completed employment packet
    ·        Tuberculosis test results
    ·        I-9 Form
    ·        Copies of all district evaluations
    ·        Any letters of reprimand/commendation from supervisors
    All information in an employee’s personnel file is deemed confidential and is designed for the district’s sole use with the exception of Court Subpoenas.  Items sent directly by employees are not accepted or placed in the file.  Only those items which pertain to the performance status of an employee are accepted. 
    All employees should be aware of the contents of their personnel file.  Each employee has the right to review his/her personnel file.  Employees must request an appointment to schedule a time for review.  The review will take place in the presence of the Director of Personnel or the Assistant Director of Personnel Services.