• Resignation of Staff

    Resignation of Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff
    Any professional staff member who wants to cancel or terminate a contract must state his/her desire in writing to the superintendent.  The district is under no obligation to release an employee from a contract except as set out below.  For such resignation to be effective, it must be accepted in writing by the superintendent.
    When the superintendent does not accept a resignation and the employee fails to continue to perform his/her contractual duties, the superintendent will report such breach to the State Board of Education and request that appropriate action be taken against the employee for failure to comply with contractual obligations.  Both state law and State Board of Education regulation provide for suspension or revocation of the professional certificate under such circumstances.
    Contract releases
    The board will not release an employee from his/her contract after July 1 except under one of the following conditions:
    ·        Circumstances beyond the employee’s control (ex., military/business transfer of spouse)
    ·        Serious illness of employee
    ·        Promotion            
    The employee must submit a request for contract release in writing to the superintendent 30 days prior to the deadline set forth above.
    The district reserves the right not to release the employee if written notice is not given before the date specified above or a suitable replacement has not been found.
    Until an employee has been formally released from his/her contract, the district expects the employee to report for duty on the first day of the contract or to continue to report for duty if the request for release is made mid-year.
    If a teacher signs a new contract without having been properly released from a previous contract, the new contract is considered to be void.     
                Discipline, Suspension, and Dismissal of Professional Staff
    It is the responsibility of the school administration to operate the public schools of the district in a manner that will maintain a broad community confidence in and support of the public schools of the district.  In the absence of such support, the district cannot maintain a strong, effective public education program.
    Therefore, it is the policy of the board to remove from employment any professional staff member who fails or who may be incompetent to give instruction in accordance with the directions of the superintendent or who otherwise manifests an evident unfitness for teaching.  Principals should be actively involved in this process for their schools.
    Any action of the district under this policy will be taken pursuant to the provisions of the Teacher Employment and Dismissal Act, Section 59-25-410, et. seq., Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976, as amended.  (The Teacher Employment and Dismissal Act does not apply to teachers on induction or annual contracts.)