• Summer Unemployment Benefits

    All full-time employees who receive a written or verbal contract for the next school year in Dorchester School District Two are not eligible for summer unemployment benefits.  For your information, a copy of the law is cited below.

    Pursuant to Title 41-35-20:
    (1)        Benefits based on service in an instructional, research, or principal administrative capacity in an institution of higher education as defined in Title 41-27-290 or educational institution as defined in Title 41-27-340 must not be paid to an individual for any week of unemployment which begins during the period between two successive academic years, or during a similar period between two regular terms, whether or not successive, or during a period of paid sabbatical leave provided for in the individual’s contract, if the individual will perform services in this capacity for both these academic years or both these terms.
    (2)        With respect to services performed after December 31, 1977, in any other capacity for an educational institution or institution of higher education, irrespective of whether the institution is a public, private, or nonprofit organization, benefits are not payable on the basis of these services to any individual for any week which commences during a period between two successive academic years or terms if the individual performs these services in the first of those academic years or terms.  However, if compensation is denied to any individual under this subsection, and the individual was not offered an opportunity to perform these services for the educational institution or institution of higher education for the second of these academic years or terms, the individual is entitled to a retroactive payment of compensation for each week for which the individual filed a timely claim for compensation and for which compensation was denied solely by reason of this subsection.