• Support Staff Hiring

               Employees who are not required to hold a State certificate are called classified in the sense that they are not certificated   
               by the State Department of Education. They may be skilled, highly trained, and members of other professions. 
               Noncertificated personnel of the district schools include secretaries, clerks, bookkeepers, cafeteria workers, public nurses,
               custodians, maids, non-student bus drivers, etc.
    Support Staff Positions
               The board authorizes the superintendent to establish necessary support staff positions within budgetary limits. The board
               may approve the broad purpose and function of the position as recommended by the superintendent. The superintendent
               will be responsible for the employment of a person who meets the stated purpose and function for the position.
    Job Descriptions
              The superintendent will be responsible for writing and maintaining job descriptions covering qualifications, essential duties,
              and other details pertaining to all certified positions in the school system.
             Policy GDA, Issue Date 8/00
    Compensation and Contracts
                The board will set the salary of all support staff on the recommendation of the superintendent. The board will set
              compensation according to the responsibility of the position, the services rendered, the provisions of the district’s
              operational budget and any applicable state and federal laws.
                The effective date for all salary changes is July 1.
                The salaries for bus drivers will be in line with state guidelines.
                Except under unusual circumstances, the district does not issue contracts to support staff. The district considers such staff
              to be “at-will”.
               Policy GDB, Issue Date 8/00