• Presenter Information/Resources


    Thank you very much for participating in Learning by Design (LBD) sponsored by Dorchester School District Two.  Please take a minute to read through the following information to help the process run smoothly.


    Creating Your Presentation: Please use the template found here to create your presentation. You may use other types of presentation resources if desired. We ask that you include the content found on the template for consistency. 

    Uploading Your Presentation: In order to share you presentation and handouts to your participants, please upload your presentation using Sched.org. You will need to upload information for each session you are presenting.

    Check Your Sessions: View Sched.org to check your session dates, times, and room locations starting in July.  


    Presenter Packets: We are asking that all lead presenters check in and pick up a packet between 7:45 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. Co-presenter badges will be included in the packet.

    Session Locations: You will find a map in your packet with the room location of your session highlighted.

    Assigned Room: Please arrive to your assigned room early to test your AV equipment, set up the room, etc. If there is something missing, do not panic. Step outside the room and flag down the nearest LBD Conference staff member. There will be staff checking every room to assist with connecting equipment and make sure everything works properly. 

    Technology: We hope all of your technology needs have been properly met for your session to run smoothly.  An IT has been assigned to your area and will check in with you prior to or at the very beginning of your session to assure everything works satisfactorily.

    Due to the high volume of users and devices, wireless connectivity may be limited. Please encourage all session participants to disconnect any unused computing devices (phones, laptops, and tablets) from the DSD2-Secure wireless network to help ensure connectivity throughout the building.

    Attendance Sheets: Attendees will need to sign in for each session. Printed registration sheets are included in your packet with the names of those who registered for your session. If someone comes to your session and his/her name is not on the registration sheet, verify that they are in the correct location. If the session has room available, ask them to simply print and sign their name on the sheet. Otherwise, they need to report to the Help Desk.



    Please return the Presenter Packet with attendance sheets to the Presenter Registration Desk following your session.

    Thank you for presenting at Learning by Design!

    LBD Contact Information:

    Kenneth Wilson, Ph.D.
    Director of Staff Development & Teacher Evaluation
    115 Devon Road
    Summerville, SC 29483
    (843) 873-2901 Work