• Mission Statement: 

    Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary School's Counseling Program strives to provide services that encourage all students to be well-adjusted, respectful, life-long learners who are fully able to benefit from arts-infused, technology-based, and differentiated learning experiences.

    Vision Statement: 

    The WHAIES school counselors provide comprehensive personal/social, academic and career services to enhance the learning process so that all students may become lifelong learners and productive members of society.

    WHAIES school counselors believe:

    • All students are unique and have the ability to learn and succeed in a safe and supportive environment
    •  School counselors perform vital roles in enhancing school climate by addressing social, emotional, intellectual and psychological needs of a diverse student population
    •  Social and personal skills are integral components of school enjoyment, life satisfaction and success
    • All students at WHAIES have the potential to continue their education through and beyond the K-12 school system
    • School counselors work hand in hand with teachers and staff to provide tools for student academic success and career readiness

    WHAIES School Counselors will:

    • Support and abide by the mission, vision, policies and procedures of the South Carolina State Department of Education, Dorchester District Two and Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary school
    • Adhere to the professional and ethical guidelines set forth by the American School Counselors Association, the South Carolina Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model and Dorchester School District Two
    • Engage in relevant professional development activities
    • Promote and enhance the learning process through personal, social, academic and career development.