Test Corrections

  • Test corrections are due exactly 1 week from when the graded test was handed back to the student.  Please be sure to follow the correct format and all instructions carefully.

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  • Test Corrections Instructions

    Avoid these common mistakes:

    The written explanation must explain how to solve the question.  I should be able to read it and understand exactly how you solved to get the correct answer.

    Good explanations look like:

    "Because the two angles are supplementary, I know they add up to 180 degrees.  Then I can write the equation 2x+80=180.  To solve the equation, I subtracted 80 from both sides of the equal sign.  Then I divided both sides of the new equation by 2.  My final answer is x=50."


    You should not explain what your mistake was.

    Explanations should not look like: (These receive no credit)

    "I wrote an equation then solved"

    "I added instead of subtracted"

    "I didn't know how to do it, but now I do"

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Courtyard Tutoring Information

  • Tutoring is help during courtyard time on Wednesdays.

    What happens at courtyard tutoring?

    Some students use this time to work on test corrections.  You can check to make sure you have the correct answers or get help with writing thorough explanations.

    Some students use this time to ask questions from the notes or ask for some extra practice with something they didn't understand from class.

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