Mission and Vision

  • The Vision: Oakbrook Middle School desires to be recognized as a world-class middle school, expecting each student to achieve at his/her optimum level in all areas, and providing all members of our Eagle family with an environment that permits them to do their personal best.

    The Mission of Oakbrook Middle School is to educate students to become proficient, responsible and caring citizens by creating a nurturing environment where staff, parents and community work together to provide challenges and opportunities for students to reach their maximum potential.


School History

  • Oakbrook Middle School was established as a result of the increasing population in the Lowcountry.  Dorchester District Two is one of the fastest growing school districts in the state. Our enrollment increase averages approximately 90 students per year.  Oakbrook Middle School opened during the fall of 1987 with an enrollment of approximately 950 students.

    Oakbrook Middle School was organized as a traditional junior high school.  We had defined tracks, and all of our students were ability grouped.  We soon learned that this organizational structure was not meeting the needs of our ever increasing and changing population.  During the fall of 1989 we began to study the Middle School Concept as a means to improve the educational program at Oakbrook Middle School.  With the support of the School Board and the District Office we began implementing the Middle School Concept during the fall of 1991.  Our faculty, staff, support staff and parents worked cooperatively and diligently as we went through the process of restructuring.

    Our entire school is now organized into interdisciplinary teams.  We are largely heterogeneously grouped throughout the three grades.  Our instructional focus is student-centered, which maximizes every student's opportunity to excel.  We have implemented an advisory program that enables the teachers and students to develop significant and meaningful relationships.

    We continue to be recognized and awarded as one of the leading middle schools in our state.  There is a commitment and bond among the staff that provides a base of support and encouragement.  We are proud of what we have accomplished, and we feel strongly that Oakbrook Middle School is a school where  "students learn to care and care to learn."