• Dear Parents,

    I am so excited to be back at ROMS for the 2020-21 school year!  Students will be in the building soon, but there are a few things that need to be discussed.


    All students are required to be up-to-date (compliant) on immunizations.  7th graders need to have a Tdap immunization on file.  Please make sure your student has the correct immunizations immediately in order to prevent exclusion from school. Remember, South Carolina law states, "No shots, No school!"

    DHEC Information


    Please do not send your child to school with ANY type of medication. This includes cough drops, over-the-counter medications (like Tylenol, Motrin, Tums or Rolaids), supplements/vitamins, inhalers, medicated ointments, or any other medications.  If in doubt, call the nurse.  Any medication brought into school will be confiscated and then discarded if an adult does not pick it up by the end of the school day.  

     Medication Order Form

    If your child needs to take medication at school every day, please click on the above link and then print a copy of this medication permission form to take to your healthcare provider (HCP) to fill out.  After you have the completed form from the HCP, please call the nurse for an appointment time for you to bring in the medication and order form. Please read and sign the bottom of the form to give permission to administer the medication to your child.  

    These are required: a current 2020-21 school year form; label on medication matches the medication on the form; it is not expired;an  ICD-10 code; and contains HCP's name, address, phone number, and signature.  


    I look forward to serving you and your children this year! 

    Nurse Patterson