Family Literacy Information

  • Dorchester District 2 Family Literacy Program

    The SES Family Literacy Program provides parents the tools and resources needed to help their children succeed in school. We offer a variety of programs and services to families with children ages birth through 4 years old. The Family Literacy Coordinator can be found in the Parenting Center at Spann Elementary, across the street from our school. Feel free to drop by or call SES or SPANN for more information on any of our programs.                                        
    Dramatic Discoveries
    Dramatic Discoveries Pre-School Club is a parent/child workshop that will be held in the Parenting Center behind Spann Elementary School.  This program is for children 2 through 4 years of age.  Come learn with your child the concepts of print and make props to help your child re-read the stories.  Information concerning each Dramatic Discovery workshop will be provided in the SES/SPANN newsletters and on the SES Family Literacy Web Site.
    The Parent Child Home Program (PCHP)
    The Parent-Child-Home Program (PCHP) helps families overcome obstacles to educational success. A home visitor works with the parent and child once a week in their home. I bring educational toys and books for the child to keep, and I show the parent fun ways to help his or her child learn through play. This program is available to eligible families with children ages 2 and 3 years old.
    Parent Resource Center
    The Parent Resource Center is a lending library with a variety of items to be checked out and used at home. These resources include books, educational activities and games, DVDs, CDs, and books on various parenting topics.