Health and Wellness

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    Wellness Mission Statement:
    The Summerville High School Health and Wellness Committee is dedicated to establishing and maintaining an environment that promotes general health by supporting the adoption of attitudes that contribute to positive well-being and providing information, activities and services designed to support healthy lifestyle choices.

    Birthday Celebration Policy:
    Birthdays at SHS will be praised and celebrated by staff with verbal praise, school supplies, or any such reward or act the teacher sees fit without promoting unhealthy eating habits.

    Celebration Policy:
    Summerville High School promotes healthy living where celebrations in the classroom will be limited to healthy snacks or non-food rewards.  SHS promotes physical well-being of all individuals and will be  modeled and encouraged by the teacher.

    Non-Food Rewards Policy:
    During the student academic school day, Summerville High School will not use foods or beverages as rewards for academic performance or good behavior. This does not prevent Summerville High School from providing food for activities during the school day such as celebrations, birthdays, and holidays. The PBIS team will be used to offer rewards such as:

    • Certificates of good behavior
    • Positive referrals
    • Certificates of academic achievement
    • WAVE Cave coupons
    • Gotcha cards for cafeteria

    Physical Activity Policy:
    Summerville High School encourages physical activities through organized sports, interclass competitions, movement in the classroom, walking during ILT, etc. Using physical activity as punishment is discouraged.  Students should not be prohibited from physical activities as long as they do not affect instruction.

    Breastfeeding Mission Statement:
    The Summerville High School Health and Wellness Committee is dedicated to providing a clean, private space that will protect, promote, and support pumping/nursing that includes:

    • accessible electrical outlets for an electric breast pump,
    • a comfortable chair,
    • a small table,
    • a relaxing environment.