• School Safety Information


    Transportation changes will not be taken over the phone in order to ensure the safety of our students. Please be sure an adult is at the bus stop to supervise students until the bus arrives so students are not left in the dark without supervision.  Adult supervision is crucial for the safety of our children. It is best practice to have the same transportation procedures for your child every day so he/she will know what to do.  If it becomes necessary for this to change, please send a note to your child’s teacher with the transportation change information along with a telephone number where you can be reached at all times.  

    Car Rider Procedures             

    Please expect delays during the first week of school.  We never know how many students will be car riders and it takes time to familiarize students with the procedures inside the building. 

    a) If you go to the office to check your child out after dismissal has begun, please know that you will be asked to wait until we have finished calling ALL car riders before a student can be escorted to the office.

    b) Please make sure that your child knows his/her car rider number and remind him/her to be quiet in the car rider room and to listen for the number to be called. 

    c) Car riders drop off in the front of the building.  You will circle the large loop in front of Dubose Middle. There will be several staff members present to unload/load cars. Please don’t allow students to get out of the car until the adults are present.   

    d) In the morning and afternoons, we double stack cars AFTER you have passed the cones in front of the cottages.  We must leave space for the Sherriff’s Department to be able to get their cars out in the event of an emergency.

    Early Drop off

    Every year we have people who drop children at the front entrance before teachers are on duty and expect that they be admitted to a building along with staff who are entering the building.   We are not prepared to receive students until 6:50 as staff is getting ready for the start of school.  No student is to be dropped before the teachers are on duty to safely receive them.  If your child is a car rider, please plan to remain with them until 6:50 to ensure their safety. 


    Bus drivers will be given rosters of student names/addresses/phone numbers for reference.  Buses unload in the back of the building, therefore cars are not permitted in the back loop for safety reasons.

    a) Please make sure that your child knows their address and phone number.   

    b) Please remind your child to look at the driver when he/she gets on the bus the first day.  Many are the same people who drive in the afternoon.  This will help children in the afternoons when it comes time to load again. Bus routes are posted on our website.

    c) Remind your child to look for brothers/sisters in the afternoon when they get on the bus.  

    d) If the buses are loaded and they don’t see their brother/sister, tell your child to alert the driver. Sometimes children get checked out early but this is a good practice for families to look for one another.



    If your child is a walker, he/she should have received a special walker tag at registration.  The tag will indicate that your child is a walker.  We have staff members who escort our walkers to their location at the end of the day. These staff members simply walk students to the path and release them to walk home.  All walkers should actually live within walking distance of the school.