• Windsor Hill's Media Center


    Who Works in the Library?

    Mrs. Newcity
    Media Specialist

    Mrs. Cunningham
    Media Assistant

    When is the Library Open?

    7:00 AM - 2:45 PM every day school is in session.

    When Do Students Visit the Library?

    Students in grades 4K-2nd visit the library once a week for a 30-minute story time and book checkout with Mrs. Newcity.

    Students in 3rd-5th grade visit the library in small groups to checkout books on a weekly basis.  Mrs. Newcity teaches these students library and research skills throughout the school year.  She also develops fun games and creative story times to promote books and a love for reading.

    How Many Books May I Check Out?

    Grades 4K-Kindergarten: 1 Book
    Grades 1st-5th:  2 Books
    Parents:  Unlimited Book Checkout

    How Long Can My Books Be Checked Out?

    Books must be returned within one week of the checkout date.  If you do not return your books, you will not be allowed to checkout new books.  You may renew your books at the circulation desk if you wish to keep your books longer than one week.

    What Happens if My Book Gets Lost or Damaged?

    You are responsible for keeping your books in a safe place.  Students are encouraged to keep their books in their book bags when they are not being read.  If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, you are responsible for paying the total cost of the book.  If a book is damaged yet repairable, you are responsible for paying the cost to repair the book. 

    Reading Logs (4K-1st Grade)

    Every quarter students receive a reading log where they will keep track of the books they've read throughout the quarter.  Students that complete the entire reading log will be invited to participate in a party held in the library.  Students will be awarded with a certificate, a free book, and other prizes.

    Starbooks Cafe (2nd-5th Grade)

    Reading Counts (RC) is a computer program that tests students' reading comprehension.  Students earn RC points when they test successfully on a book.  Students are allowed to "spend" their RC points on food and prizes in the Starbooks Cafe located in the library at the end of each grading period.  The more RC points  students accumulate, the more they can purchase in the cafe! 

    When are Book Fairs?

    The Windsor Hill PTA sponsors a Fall and Spring book fair to help raise money for the school library.  This year our book fairs will be held on:

    Fall Book Fair: Wednesday, September 7 2016 - Wednesday, September 14, 2016
    Spring Book Fair:  Monday, March 27 - Monday, April 3 2016


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