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Mr. Reid Stock

Quiz on Tuesday, 10/29, on Waves!!

The end of year Science Test for 8th grade is May 28th. To review for this, students have been assigned to complete all 15 of the topics from The final grade for this will count as both a homework and a project grade in powerschool. This will be due May 27th.

To receive credit, students need only answer the ten questions for each of the 15 topics, so 150 questions in the end. They may complete the practice or game version for credit. Their grade will be out of however many of the 150 questions questions they get right. Since students are allowed to redo the ten questions as often as they like, students should be able to achieve 100%, therefore boosting their grade, for some, tremendously.

If there is any issue with the completion of this assignment, please let me know as soon as possible so that modifications can be made to ensure success. 


Welcome to 8th Grade Science! I am thrilled to be back in the field of science and working with the great students and staff of Alston Middle School.
This is my 3rd year at Alston Middle School and 4th year in the district having previously taught 7th grade science at DuBose Middle. In addition I briefly worked in education in Cincinnati, Ohio where I graduated with a degree in middle childhood education for math and science grades 4-9.
I am thrilled to be back and look forward to the exciting year ahead. We will be exploring forces and motion, various types of waves, astronomy, and geology...all of which are my favorite sciences. If I'm not at school, eating or sleeping, or with family/friends, I'm usually out enjoying the great science around us. Whether it's the motion and waves at the beach, gazing at the stars, or walking a trail around geologic wonders.
I hope that for every student year they leave enjoying these topics as much as I.