Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Hooks

Hello Beacon Families and Friends!

We hope our Beacon community is doing well during this difficult time.  We are pleased to provide students with distance learning pathways to continue their growth at home. 

Your child will have the most comprehensive learning experience by utilizing our Fine Arts Bingo sheet!  You can also go to the links provided on the Fine Arts Links for Kids. 

On this webpage you will find more links and videos with instruction created by Mrs. Uyak and Ms. Hooks.  We tried to find lessons that require little materials.  Pencil and paper should be all you need.  We gave a couple of options with pen or coloring with materials at hand. Look under Interesting Web Resources for our videos!

  • Students should not spend more than 200 minutes per day completing activities including core academic work.
  • Independent Fine Arts, Health and Wellness, STEAM should comprise 20-30 minutes of total learning time. We suggest you do a different subject of FA/H&W/STEAM each day.  The Bingo game will help with this as well.
  • Remember to incorporate brain-breaks and physical activity. 
  • Completed work should be submitted upon return.

Remember, learning does not always need to include a piece of paper! 

  • Nature walks-great opportunity for observational drawings.
  • Cooking—and use some color and make your plate pretty! What kind of textures can you add?  Is your plate balanced?
  • Board games—don’t have one? Create your own!
  • Crafting—knitting, crochet, needlepoint, cutting and pasting, building with found objects, etc.

We look forward to seeing our Beacons again soon!

      Visual Arts Teachers

I have a B.F.A. in Surface Design, which is a visual art degree. I've taught K-5 visual art for several years and began teaching Art for the 21st Century 5 years ago. In my class, we use traditional art techniques along with the use of technology. We use stop-motion animation, green screens, photo editing, and plan to experiment with drawn animation this coming year.