Mrs. Amanda Nairn



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Mrs. Amanda Nairn

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Mrs. Nairn

Born: September 29th

  1. Favorite healthy food: Strawberries
  2. Favorite junk food: Snickers
  3. Favorite song: In My Life by The Beatles
  4. Favorite subject in school: History
  5. Favorite sport: Football
  6. Favorite Sports’ Team: Houston Texans
  7. Favorite color: Black
  8. Favorite hobby: Sewing
  9. Favorite restaurant: Simpson’s in the Strand


Education Experience: Masters in Early Childhood Education


Grades/Subjects taught: Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade


Interesting Fact: Huge fan of I Love Lucy


How will I “Make a Difference” this year?

I will encourage students to embrace their individuality and know that it is cool to be different.