• Mission

    The mission of Rollings Middle School of the Arts School Counseling Department is to provide all students with a comprehensive model that addresses the overarching needs in the areas of academic achievement, personal evolution, social interaction, emotional stability, and career advancement; empowering them to become servant-leaders and well-rounded citizens by demonstrating and promoting creative expression, collaboration, equity, inclusion, access and healthy relationships with all mankind.


    Rollings Middle School of the Arts desires to cultivate college and career-ready students to be lifelong learners who possess extraordinary character, world-class knowledge, essential skills, and exceptional life, academic, and career abilities to be benefactors to humanity and successfully thrive and survive in a precarious, universal society.


     School Counseling Belief Statements

    1. WE believe that ALL students can learn and achieve academic greatness when encouraged and nurtured in a respectful environment.

    2. WE believe that nurturing ALL students' social and emotional well-being will encourage academic development and future success.

    3. WE believe the school counselor’s role is to provide a data-driven, developmental counseling program to meet the needs of ALL students through a guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support.

    4. The school counseling program will promote the following: an understanding of and respect of self and others; problem-solving and decision-making; emotional-management skills; skills for learning; and the influence of academic habits on career success.